Another Great Presentation
Last week we had a great presentation by Lisa Ball from the Arizona Special Olympics. I learned and was impressed by the more modern approach of inclusiveness of not only the athletes but also the gen ed students, especially those that are sort of on the fringe.  Making them feel a part of the larger group.
This week's presentation by Mike Shelton speaking on the impeachment of Andrew Johnson, a timely topic.
Feel free to invite a guest for what should be a very interesting and informative presentation.
Many thanks for the efforts that go into bringing these speakers to the club.
See what you missed?
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The Balloon Festival Burrito Booth signup is active a new invitation has been emailed to you, follow the instructions to sign up for 1 or more of the 4 shifts (2 per day).
You can also click on events button at the top of the website and sign up there.
Thank you in advance, this is an important way we raise discretionary funds to support local community needs.
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Mexicali School Supplies attendend on Friday 9/6 - We met and jumped in with the Club Calafia members and several Yuma Rotary Club members, visiting 4 schools and passing out school supplies to 3-400 students.  The look on their faces, especially the youngest, really makes you feel good. The teachers and administrators all were very gracious, helpful and thankful for the help. A fun project of the  Club Calafia and Yuma Rotary, they have been doing this for about 16 years. Wonderful fellowship, good time, good service followed by good food.  Thanks to the other clubs for allowing us to participate.
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District Governor Ellie Patterson, Liz Cohn & Susan Jurgensen visited the club on August 14th with a dinner the prior evening at our Presidents home.  Thanks to all who helped make this a good show of our club and helped with the dinner.
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Posted on Aug 24, 2019
 Make a strike against polio August 24th at Yuma, AZ's Bowlio event sponsored by the Yuma Sunrise Rotary Club in collaboration with other Yuma area Rotary clubs.
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