The Mentor Training Program was offered to local High School students, and succeeded in developing selected  participants in their role as Mentor Leaders “Setting the PACE,” – serving as Peace Ambassadors and Conflict Educators within the local community. 
The youth facilitated Peace and Conflict Resolution workshops at several local elementary and middle-schools throughout the City of Yuma and serve as Mentor Leaders under the close supervision of an Adjunct Professor with a M.A. in Dispute Resolution and Certificate in Mediation.  Additionally, these youth leaders coordinated an International Peace Conference, which was inclusive of their peers within the community, as well as, those across the Mexican border. 
In short, the Mentor Leaders utilized learned skills in Human Relations, Conflict Resolution, Communication,  Leadership, and Teamwork to address the following:
  1. Susceptibility of youth to many types of conflict, particularly bullying (face-to-face or cyber-bullying), gang-related, and/or a variety of other interpersonal conflicts, which affect their ability to peacefully focus on their studies, freely engage in school and community activities, and ultimately achieve their personal goals. 
  2. The fear of a wall that will soon separate us from our peers, friends, and family across the Mexican border. They felt it was important to illustrate that although a wall may separate…it cannot divide.  Students focused on establishing a connection with Mexican peers and promoted peace beyond borders, as they agreed we need to maintain healthy and productive relationships with our international neighbors.