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Make a difference in your Rotary District!

Nominations of candidates to serve as District Governor in 2024-2025 are due to District Governor Hank Huisking on or before July 31, 2021. Any club may nominate a candidate who is a member of that club or a member of another club (with the other club’s concurrence). Candidate interviews will be held during the month of September 2021.

If you are concerned about your qualifications, please understand the Zone and Rotary International offer extensive leadership training. Our District stands behind our candidates, and we want only their success. If you are a person who wants to see Rotary District 5500 thrive and be prepared for the future, consider submitting your application. Your leadership skills will make the difference in our District and to our Club memberships. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Lao Tzu
Candidate Qualifications:  The RI Manual of Procedure spells out the qualifications for candidates (Chapter 2, pp. 20-22).  The qualifications are summarized below:
  • At the time of nomination, the candidate must:
    • Be a member of a functioning District 5500 Rotary Club.
    • Be a past president of a Rotary Club (as defined in the District 5500 Bylaws).
    • Meet all other qualifications specified in the Rotary International Manual of Procedure.
  • At the time of taking office (July 1, 2024), the candidate must have been a member of a Rotary Club for at least seven years and must have attended the Governor-Elect Training Seminar (GETS) and the International Assembly during the Governor-Elect year.
  • District 5500 also requires that candidates must have attended the Governor Nominee Advanced Training Seminar (GNATS) during the Governor-Nominee year.
Nomination Process:  To nominate a candidate, the Rotary Club should adopt a resolution at a regular club meeting and submit the nomination to incoming District Governor Hank Huisking  not later than July 31, 2021. (Form attached).  The resolution shall:
  • Certify that the candidate meets the Qualifications for District Governor as provided in the current RI Manual of Procedure (Included on Governor Nominee Data Form).
  • Include a resume and biographical sketch of the candidate’s personal and Rotary background. 
  • In addition, the candidate must complete the Governor Nominee Data Form (Form attached), which must then be signed by the candidate and the Club Secretary.  The signed form must then be sent to District Governor Hank Huisking.
Prohibition Against Campaigning/Promoting:  As stated in the RI Manual of Procedure, “Any Rotarian who engages in campaigning or canvassing for elective office in RI may be subject to disqualification from election to the office sought . . .” (Chapter 2, p. 21) NOTE: This prohibition includes the position of District Governor.
Sources for Additional Information:  Details and copies of the application forms may also be obtained from the District  The qualifications and duties of the District Governor and the selection process are outlined in Chapter 2 (“The District”) of the RI Manual of Procedure.  Information is also included in the RI Bylaws (Articles 10, 12, and 13) and in the Rotary Code of Policies (Articles 17, 19, 21, and 26).  Also refer to District 5500 Bylaws in Article 4 (“District Officers”).  A copy of the Rotary Election Policies (revised August, 2012) is also on the District website as part of the nomination materials.
Questions:  Questions may be directed to District Governor Hank Huisking at or District Governor – Elect Anita McDonald. at

Submission of Nomination Materials:  All nomination materials should be submitted to District Governor Hank Huisking  at  The  package of materials will include:
  • Governor-nominee Data Form including (see page 3 - 4):
    • Candidate’s Statement, and
    • Club’s Statement of Candidate’s Qualifications.
  • Resume and biographical sketch of the candidate’s personal and Rotary background.