DG Hank's Message on district Grants
The Rotary Days of Service championed by RI President Shekhar Mehta is most important and aligns with my theme asking clubs to Connect-Partner and Serve. There will be clubs who have pet projects in their community, but this satisfies the desire for larger, more sustainable projects, in collaboration with other clubs or organizations outside Rotary.
PLAN YOUR EVENT To qualify as a 2021-22 Rotary Day of Service, your event needs to:
• Be planned by two or more Rotary, Rotaract, or Interact clubs in your country or internationally.
• Align with one or more of Rotary’s areas of focus.
• Be promoted using at least one media platform (such as Facebook, Twitter, or a local newspaper) to raise interest.
• Attract a group of participants in which 25% are not current Rotary members.
An event also needs to meet at least three of these additional guidelines:
• Align by topic and take place on an UN-recognized international day or during a Rotary themed month.
• Prioritize empowering girls through planned service activities.
• Include a Rotary Community Corps during the planning and implementation.
• Involve a collaboration with at least one local business, community organization, or government or municipality.
• Include a community discussion about how the organizing clubs can continue helping empower the community.
• Provide service opportunities that welcome families and participants of all ages and abilities.
• Promote event photos and accomplishments on social media using the People of Action resources and the #RotaryDays and #PeopleofAction hashtags.
• Follow up with participants who are not club members after the event and invite them to get involved with a future project or attend a club meeting to learn more about your club’s work in the community.